Business Investment Program

Highlands Media Group and Highlands Community Bank have worked together for over 25 years now, reinvesting back into the communities we serve. As a team,  we’ve helped promote non-profits and their events with free advertising and free live broadcasts. We’ve been just about everywhere in the Alleghany Highlands, too.
Right now, we realize that our local business community needs our help like never before. COVID-19 has reeked havoc on small businesses in the Alleghany Highlands. Businesses are struggling to recover after the stay at home order and from the limited services they’ve been able to provide to customers who have continued to show their support. Most businesses are having to adjust their workforce, cut back on extra spending, expand on or recreate the way they do business In these most difficult times. That’s why Highlands Media Group and Highlands Community Bank have created B.I.P., which stands for “Business Investment Program”. Here’s how it works:
Your business will register to participate by filling out the attached form below. Once complete, you will then submit it electronically to Highlands Media Group for consideration. Phone calls will not be accepted. If selected, your business will be contacted to set up a day and time for our team to visit your business. Visit meaning to do a half-hour Facebook LIVE broadcast from your business to show your products and services. We will also broadcast the same event on 103.5 Big Country FREE. All courtesy of Highlands Media Group and Highlands Community Bank.
So, what are you waiting for? We’ll select 4 businesses to showcase on Wednesday of each week. Just our way of helping your business get back up on its feet.
Thank you for what you do and for the sacrifices you make. We hope to be on our way to your business soon! Good luck and God Bless!