Friday Office Feast!

It’s time for something new and exciting: something that rewards listeners and creates excitement in local businesses! Introducing the Friday Office Feast presented by Dairy Queen in Clifton Forge.

Here’s how it will work!

  1. Business will visit either of the 3 stations websites where they may register for a chance at the prize! To register: they will need to know a code word that will play various times each week. Business will register their name, the special code for that week, contact information in case you win and what station you listen to.

  2. Each Thursday, we will draw a name from entries combined from both stations and announce at 10:00am that morning on the air! The winner will have to stop by to get their certificate for the Friday Office Feast to use the following Friday (not the following day).

The prize is FREE lunch for your office (up to 10 people)!